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  1. Take a guided tour of each campus. Students have a chance to walk through academic, residential, athletic and administrative buildings.

  2. Meet with faculty. Students may meet and seek advice from counselors of their future major. Students may speak with coaches and directors of sports and clubs in which they want to participate (if notified in advance).

  3. Meet with financial aid counselors to discuss concerns about scholarships and other types of financial aid.

  4. Meet students and talk with them about campus life. One of the better ways for high schools students to learn about the college is to talk with students currently enrolled.

  5. Meet with Admissions representatives to learn more about each school's admissions policies and deadlines.

  6. The Tour allows students opportunities to display their leadership, creative and original thoughts, independence, initiative, intellectual ability, academic achievement, and oral expression of ideas to officials at each campus they visit.


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